The Artmobile visits SFE!  The Artmobile is an art museum for all ages that travels throughout Bucks County in a 48-foot semi trailer. It visits all 13 school districts and many public sites.

“Artmobile’s current exhibition, A Fine Line:  Observation, Discovery & Expression in Drawing, features 63 drawings by 22 accomplished artists. It presents exquisite finished drawings as well as sketches, doodles and working drawings. It is our hope that the exhibition will encourage you to look for opportunities to sketch during note-taking, make picture stories to aid memorization, create diagrams for problem-solving or connecting concepts, and use the act of drawing to build observation skills and stimulate writing.”

In addition to teaching about the individual works of art, the artistic back story and process, the Artmobile incorporates interactive, hands-on displays and activities which are meant to engage the students and help solidify their experiences.  The Artmobile seeks to expose students to positive and encouraging encounters with museums at a young age that will stay with them throughout their lives.

The SFE PTO proudly sponsors the Artmobile on a biennial basis.  If you are interested in learning more about the Artmobile and checking out past exhibits, please follow this link to the BCCC website:  In the meantime, please enjoy these pictures taken during Mrs. Hansbury’s classroom visit to the Artmobile during their art period on Friday.

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