Homeroom Parent Form: CLOSED

Becoming a Homeroom Parent is a GREAT way for you to support our teachers’ efforts in creating a fun and inspiring learning environment for our children.  You’ll be able to participate in your child’s classroom events during special occasions and workshops hosted throughout the school year!

PLEASE COMPLETE AND SUBMIT THIS FORM NO LATER THAN Thursday, September 12, 2019. You may apply to be a Homeroom Parent for more than one classroom, but you may only accept the position for one classroom. Should you have any questions, please contact JoEll Wittmer or Nancy Kennedy at sfepto1090@gmail.com. Thank you for your interest!

Each classroom will select TWO parent volunteers. This position entails:

  • completing all newly required volunteer clearances BEFORE your first visit to the classroom (click HERE for details),
  • attending a mandatory Welcome / Instructional Meeting in October, 2019 (date TBD) at SFE,
  • attending the monthly PTO meetings and passing along pertinent information to your classroom parents;
  • assisting the teacher, as needed, and organizing classroom parties,
  • soliciting volunteers for various PTO activities such as Spring Fair and Book Fair,
  • being a PTO member in good standing.
  • Please note that parents may NOT bring younger children with them when they are acting as HR Parent and Class Photographer at SFE.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Thank you for your interest!!

PLEASE NOTE:  As of July 1, 2015, security clearances MUST be completed and on file prior to volunteering in the capacity of Homeroom Parent, Field trip Chaperone or Classroom Photographer at Sol Feinstone Elementary School.  Please consider this when you apply to volunteer for any of these positions.  Please DO NOT WAIT to see if you will be selected to begin the application process as it takes several weeks for the clearances to be processed once submitted.  If you do not have these security clearances on file, you will not be granted access to the classroom.  More information about these security clear requirements can be found on the PTO website under “In the Know”