Interactive Mural Website

slide1-1The Library Mural Website is an interactive, companion website to the original mural, which will give web users anywhere and everywhere access to this inspirational work of art.

Released on June 10, 2016, this exciting, web-based project expands on the installation of the library mural by integrating technology and history in a unique and educational user-experience. Our very own SFE students have contributed to this project through their research, writing, editing, and publishing of the informational content of the website. The website has been designed as an ongoing, collaborative undertaking and will give our students the opportunity to assist with the maintenance and updating of the informational content within the website using WordPress content management software. Educators and students from other schools, districts, states, etc., will be able to view and experience the website as an interactive, educational and engaging resource as well. When you find a quiet moment, please grab your kid(s) and check out the SFE Library Mural Website at home at You won’t be disappointed and may even see that one of the contributing authors lives in your house! Special thanks go out to CREF and to the SFEPTO for generously providing the funding for this project, and to Keith Crowell, SFE Librarian, as well as John Harlan, SFE Principal and the SFE 6th grade teachers for working with our student contributors. The biggest thanks, however, go to those students who have gone above and beyond to work on their research outside of the classroom curriculum and have dedicated recess periods and time at home to complete their submissions.