June 2019


Sol Feinstone Elementary School PTO Meeting Minutes

June 2019


Executive Board in attendance:Mary Angelakis, Nancy Kennedy, Sunnie Gallagher, Meaghan Moran-Vogel and JoEll Wittmer


Call to order: Mary Angelakis

  • Meeting called to order at 9:23am


Secretary’s Report: JoEll Wittmer

  • Motion to approve May minutes:
  • Motion: Wendy Nowicki
  • Second: Kristy Hruska


Treasurer Report: Sunnie Gallagher

  • PTO planning on purchasing more specialized seating. All 1at and 2ndgrade will have it next year. With additional money we will extend it into other grades
  • Wil also purchase shelving for PTO shed. Will help us preserve items to re-use them in the future.
  • Will also purchase more shelving for indoor PTO closet
  • Will also purchase lawn games like Jenga, cornhole and others
  • Council Rock district will take over our landscaping for the building
  • Please submit reimbursements by 6/17. We need to close the books
  • Fiscal year ends on 6/30.
  • Still working on final budget – still working on it and waiting on reimbursements
  • New items on budget that are self-funded this year.
  • We will be including a fun run next year for community spirit – will be in October
  • Couples night out will be in November as a new event



School Board Report and Questions:  Mr. Harlan for Andy Block

  • Renovation Project: We are in in the process of gathering information from all the teachers as to what we would like in the classrooms
  • We are optimistic that we can do the renovations without portable classrooms
  • Putting on a 10- room addition to the building. Hoping to move kids around while we are doing the renovations instead of portable classrooms outside.
  • It is going to be an unbelievable improvement to this building
  • 20/21 calendar was approved – June 8this graduation date. Shortened spring break. Start after Labor Day.
  • Budget passed
  • 18% tax increase
  • Debt service generated this increase due to renovations and other programming expenses
  • New math program for K-5 next year


Principal Report: Mr. Harlan

  • Next Wednesday is move up day – we usually do not do this but your child will go up to learn about the next grade level. It’s not about teacher but grade level
  • Teachers will go over schedule, subjects and activities
  • This will help out our kids and the Wrightstown kids
  • Teacher Line Up – What I have so far: Very exciting. Some positions are still open
    • Kindergarten – Yorgey am and pm. New teacher from Hillcrest Ms. Weinstein in am
    • 1stgrade (4 Sections): Sheppard, Sabol, Binder and Kelso/VanKuren
    • 2rd grade (4 Sections): Doheny, Hoke, Stanojev, Durkin/Chisnell
    • 3rdgrade (5 Sections): Huntington, McLaren/Sweeney, Caione, Open and Jenna Macfarlane from Rolling Hills
    • 4thgrade (5 Sections): Lipton, Kinkead, Hansbury, McGovern/Incudine and Mr. Moral
    • 5thgrade (4 Sections): Lilienfeld, Callaghan, McGowan, Inker/Dunleavy (Missed it by 3 kids opening up a new section) Mrs. Inker will be out in the beginning Mrs. Duffy know the operations
    • 6thgrade (5 Sections): Lockett/Russel, Gorbachinsky, Panettieri, Open and Open
    • Morez will go into either 3rdor 6th. He is still deciding what he would like to do.
    • We have Mrs. Duffy and Ms. Donnelley who are also still available
    • Moral, Mrs. Long all still with us.





Committee Reports/New Business:


  • Field Day: Mary Angelakis for Jackie VonHohen and Christine Capuano
    • June 14th(rain date 17th)
    • New shirt design (see Spring Fair bags), navy blue and white. Shirts will go out next week
    • We are doing watermelon slices this year instead of popsicles.



  • Field Day Spirit Wear: Mary Angelakis for Kathleen Radbill & Gwen Zervas:
    • Sunglasses, tattoos, headbands sold during lunches on 6/12 ONLY


  • Hershey Park: Meaghan Moran-Vogel:
    • Discounted tickets.
    • Valid through September 29th
    • Not a fundraiser, just a discount


  • Presidents Notes: Mary Angelakis
    • 2019/2020 Leadership Sign-Ups – we still have some positions open
      • Still need President elect
      • People here are amazing!
      • Spring Fair committee head – sub-committees are filled
      • A few other positions
      • Diversity committee is also open – really fun way to get involved
    • 2019-2020 Calendar is tentative
    • 8/22 – New family orientation
    • 8/29 – Welcome Back picnic
    • Moved Bingo night to February
    • Zumba glow to earlier in year
    • Heritage Fair will be re-worked. Not being fully utilized. Hoping to change this around to take advantage of this amazing opportunity
    • Book Fair – brought over $9,000 scholastic dollars – thank you!
    • Going to have a mini book fair to kick off the school year so we don’t have to run out to buy new books in the beginning of school
    • Gallagher family donated $5,000 – we will be using this money to put new reading nooks into the younger classrooms as shown last month in our presentation.




  • The book fair again had Amazing success with the generosity of our school families and the hard work of Niki Danese, Colleen Leidel, Kim Webster, Jill Fithian, Lauren Vogel, all the parent volunteers and so many more. The over $9000 scholastic dollars earned go directly to our students and teachers for specialized and flexible seating, special desk, books and so much more.
  • Christine Capuano and Julia Moskovitz did an outstanding job celebrating our teachers during teacher appreciation week. Thank you to all the people who sent in coffee and tea K-cups. The teachers absolutely love the new machines and enjoy them more because of your generous donation.
  • Thank you to all the amazing people who have created lasting memories and great emotional and educational opportunities for our kids. Your time makes a difference not only in the kid’s lives but everyone around you. Making things happen, makes things change, then our world becomes even better and brighter.
  • It has been an honor to work side by side with the wonderful Nancy Kennedy, who is going to be an outstanding President next year, the dedicated and amazingly awesome JoEll Wittmer, the organized and finance wizard Sara Bonstein, the meticulous – always there when you need her Sunnie Gallagher. I thank you for your time, energy and love for our SFE community but mostly for your guidance and friendship. I truly have enjoyed every minute.



Meeting Close:

  • Meeting adjourned at 10:48am.




Respectfully submitted by JoEll Wittmer


Meeting agenda and handouts on following pages.