Programs and Services


Advocacy Group: The SFE Advocacy Group is charged with monitoring the actions of the Council Rock School Board as they pertain to elementary education in the district and Sol Feinstone Elementary School in particular. In addition, members have the opportunity to serve on the Superintendent’s Parent Advisory Committee, which meets 5-6 times each school year. This committee interacts with the Superintendent and various other members of the CRSD administration, staff, and committees to better understand and provide parental perspective on CRSD actions and activities.

Young Audiences : Program that brings arts education into the classroom, such as painting, poetry, dance, sculpting, music, and more.

Celebration Books: A program to honor your child, their family members and/or a teacher/staff member with a book donation to celebrate ANY occasion: birthdays, holidays, good grades, team wins, or anything else of your choosing!

Diversity Committee: The Diversity Committee is comprised of SFE school administrators, teachers and parent volunteers and strives to support a school environment that honors the values, customs and abilities of everyone. This Committee celebrates the wonder of “difference” in every child and aims to explore our diversity in a safe, positive and nurturing environment. Events sponsored by this Committee include participation in National Mix It Up Day and speaking engagements with a Tuskegee Airman, a Holocaust survivor, and representatives from the Lenape Nation — just to name a few.

Family Activities: The Family Activities Committees plan and execute several family events during the year, such as the Back to School Picnic, Family Bingo Night, Glow Dance, Sweetheart Dance, Olympics outing and Fun Runs and more…

Field Day: Athletic event run by the gym teacher, usually held in May or early June. The PTO provides T-shirts and snacks for the students and teachers on Field Day.

Spring Fair: A family-oriented event held in the school in late March or early April. Our biggest fundraiser!

Thanksgiving Pie Sale: We offer the opportunity for our school community to donate pumpkin pies to TASK (Trenton Area Soup Kitchen) to assist this group in their very worthy cause of feeding the hungry in the Trenton area.


Bulletins: As we try our best to ‘go green’, many of our flyers, notes, minutes, etc., will be posted on our PTO website at or on our SFE PTO Facebook page. Make sure to check both regularly!

Directory: A school “phone book” compiled and published by the PTO that includes classroom rosters and name, address, and phone information of Sol Feinstone families. The directory is for social use only and comes with your PTO membership. An online version is also available.

Hospitality: PTO volunteers provide food and beverages for each PTO meeting, for Council Rock Education Week, and for several other events during the year. These same volunteers also provide treats for the teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week, and organize the Teacher Appreciation Breakfast/Lunch, held at the end of the school year.

Landscape: PTO volunteers maintain the landscaped areas at the front of the school and provide seasonal decorations for the front entrance and the all-purpose room.

Playground: PTO volunteers work with the Recess Aides, the teachers, and the school district to keep the playground safe and to provide supplies and equipment for indoor and outdoor recess.

Sunshine: PTO volunteers provide appropriate support for Sol Feinstone families and staff in need.

Welcome Committee: This PTO committee provides a packet of information about the school and the community to each new family during Orientation. Volunteers serve as “buddies” to new families during their first year at school. If you would like to be paired with a “veteran” buddy family, please contact the Welcome Committee Chair Tricia Lentz at


updated 10/1/2017