SFE Library Mural



Painted by Bucks AIR artist Karina Raude, the main part of the mural is located on the far wall of the Library and wraps around to an adjacent wall where it eventually fades into the distance extending the perspective, while leaving the rest to the imagination of the viewers.

Discussions on the framework, scope and content of the mural began as early as October, 2014. We interviewed several artists; however, as soon as we met Karina and heard her vision, we were 100% certain she was the perfect choice for us. After many collaborative sessions, the content of the mural was finalized and a detailed pencil sketch was submitted to the committee for review and approval. Believe it or not, the actual work on site did not begin until March, 2015, at which point countless hours were logged after the students and teachers went home for the evening. Karina made 1000s of trips up and down the tall ladders creating and perfecting our collective vision. It was fascinating to see the project unfold and everyone was so eager to see it all come together. The mural was dedicated to the school on June 11, 2015, however, there is no question that it will continue to engage and inspire students and school visitors for many years into SFE’s own future.

The mural’s theme is based on inspiration, while carrying on the rich history and strong artistic tradition of Bucks County. The history, landscape and symbols of Bucks County and Pennsylvania are represented throughout, however, the most meaningful feature is that the subject and concept was drawn from historical figures that the 6th grade class chose as inspirational to them. It is a visual banquet that depicts notable men and women – artists, musicians, scientists, mathematicians, pioneers, literary figures and athletes – all of whom are considered innovators of their time. A predominant part of Karina’s talent as an artist is that she has managed to capture these diverse ideas and characters and blend them into a harmonious and original work of art connecting the present with the past while stimulating imaginations for the future. These figures interact with each other before landmarks such as the Great Wall of China and the Parthenon, set in a quintessential Bucks County landscape. Ms. Raude has also integrated official Pennsylvania and Buck County symbols into the landscape along with subjects of local interest such as the Pearls S. Buck House, a Lenape woman holding the wampum belt said to have been given to William Penn, and even the Council Rock School District’s motto: “Success for Every Student”. There is no end to the attention that was paid to detail.

The funding for the mural was made possible by a partial gift from the 2015 Graduating 6th grade class and by the SFEPTO.